By Design Manifesto is the personal expression space of Candi Luciano. Take a journey into my mind, learn what I believe and see how I create.

I Believe

I believe we can design for the outcome we desire.

I believe in a collaborative, creative, purpose and performance-driven culture.

I believe people care when they believe you do.

I believe who you choose to co-create with matters.

My Why

To co-create and have a positive impact on the lives of others by intentionally designing for a mutual outcome.

To change the world for small business success by advocating intentional creative thinking.

To build my personal brand as a key creative contributor by design so others hire me to bring value to their people and purpose.

My How

Organize to create space for innovative thinking.

Choose to co-create with those that align to a collective why.

Choose to invest in those who choose to invest in creating a new future.

Limit investment of energy on those who have made negativity their personal life mission.

Challenge the status quo by asking questions.

Align to or co-create a vision that motivates people by connecting their value to the purpose.

Execute to a plan and communicate with clarity.

Be bold, dream and harness the native genius in everyone.

Inspire everyone to stay optimistic and celebrate success throughout their journey together.

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These beliefs and statements are my own.