"Diva of Disruption" Label Inspired Me to Own It / by Candi Luciano

When another leader I respect referred to me a "Diva of Disruption," my first reaction was, "Ouch." Then, I thought about it and made the decision to own it. I explored my why here and it all became clearer.

I do disrupt. Disruption with the purpose of care for people and performance. My work is my art and my passion is pushing others out of their comfort zone and well beyond the potential they see for themselves. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing I have made another person and their work more valuable through my influence and direct mentoring style. And every time someone communicates I have rocked their world for the better, I am driven to keep changing the world of performance-driven design thinkers.

Have you considered how others see your personal brand? What labels could you be owning?