9 Things Someone with an Ownership Mindset Would Never Say / by Candi Luciano

Inspiring a culture of ownership is gaining attention of organizations everywhere. New models such as the one at I-ology grow owners, not employees. Everyone has the opportunity to learn all aspects of the business and there is a high level of accountability between our people.

No longer is the day of the CEO to do it all. We all do the big, hard stuff.

Financial reward is there for the taking if you put the work in, just like an entrepreneur. And the opportunity can be so great, inspiring long-term commitment and increased retention of your A-Players.

Let’s face it, we all get off at times or make a mis-hire. So, you can use this list of nine as a reality checklist as well.

In an ownership culture, these are 9 things you do not want to hear:

1]      That is not the role I was hired for.

Closed mindsets are not a fit. Owners know we must commit to constantly grow ourselves personally and professionally. We are willing to do the dirty jobs and lead with serving the greater whole before self.

2]     I am the only one who can do this.

Really? Owners know how to give ownership and let go. They delegate the work and look for opportunities to develop others.

3]     That is not my problem.

Oh, but it is. Performance goals are clear and non-negotiable. If something is off, we band together to solve it.

4]     Billy is not pulling his weight around here.

Then talk directly to Billy! That is what an owner would do. Owners learn how to give open, direct feedback and don’t gossip to others.

5]     Do it my way.

Owners know there is more than one way to skin a cat. An ownership mindset practices listening and is open to new possibilities and new ways of doing things. They inspire collaboration and give people a voice for fresh, innovative thinking.

6]     I’m right again!

Who cares, Ego. Mis-hire, maybe? Owners take responsibility for themselves and their actions. They check their ego, say I’m sorry and show their vulnerability with other team members.

7]     We’ve done it this way for years.

That’s nice. With the world and technology changing constantly, the way you have done it is no longer even relevant in most cases. Ongoing transformation required.

8]     I wish someone would fix this.

Owners don’t wish, they do. Solutions focused, problem-solvers and critical thinkers are signs of an ownership mindset.

9]     I was not hired to sell.

An ownership mindset sells their passion, naturally and without effort. If you are in an ownership culture, but not ‘all in’ on the mission of your workplace, an ownership spirit will not be found. Passion for the mission drives us to be the mountain with no top and create new futures. Not feeling it? It is likely time to find a new place to call “own.”